Hi guys!

I haven’t posted anything regarding cars yet!

I’ve always been into cars one way or another as far as I can remember.
My neighbor had a gnarly 73′ Nova that he had built and it peaked my interest in muscle cars. So at the age of 15, I had my permit and purchased a 1988 Monte Carlo SS with shot rod bearings. No problem. I pulled the motor and replaced them myself! It was so fun but then I couldn’t put it back in for a while. It was sitting in my neighbors yard and I had to get rid of it. Traded the MC in for a 79′ Camaro RS.
That thing was a wreck but boy, it was pleasure to drive.

I now have a 2009 C63 AMG.

Let me tell you about the glory of having an AMG.

Naturally Aspirated 6.2 Liter V8, consistently bald rear tires, fuel up every 3 days, and a whole lot of the signature AMG bark from the exhaust.

But, of course, you have to pay to play! You can’t always have the fun without the consequences right? 😉

Maintenance and things breaking down costs a couple shiny pennies and then a couple kidneys. Haha.

I love the car though, it gets me from point A to B real quick ;).

Have a great week!



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